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The Trip

The route

In order to raise awareness for our cause, we at Ascending Frontiers knew we'd need to do something noteworthy. That's why we're sending a ​small, single engine airplane around the globe. Lasting almost a month, it'll pass through countries like Greenland, Egypt, and Japan. We want to show that pediatric cancer is something that affects all of us, not just residents in the U.S.

The Pilot

Founder of Ascending Frontiers, Logan Tinley is a rising sophomore and Vanderbilt University and licensed private pilot. Logan discovered his passion for airplanes at a young age, and after years of preparation, flight training, and flying, is going to be piloting the airplane alone along the entirety of its more than 20,000 mile trip around the world. At 19 years of age, Logan will be the youngest American pilot to have circumnavigated the world solo.

The plane

The airplane is a Mooney Ovation, a complex, high performance, single engine piston aircraft​ manufactured in Kerrville, Texas. An impressive machine, the Mooney is capable of doing well over 200 mph and, with the help of an auxiliary fuel tank, can cover over 2,000 miles in a single flight.

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